Exporting mix no progress


In Cubase 9.5, when I export I don’t seen any progress on the progress meter, the the Cancel button hasn’t properly rendered, it looks blank.

The mix is still exported, but why am I not seeing any progress (it just stays at 0% on the meter) and why is the button not drawn properly?

Thanks in advance


Do you Export in Real Time or offline?


I don’t use the real time option until a final mix.

Any ideas why this is happening?

Try to thrash preferences or maybe do a reinstall of Cubase.

With that said, unless using an old and badly coded plugin or external effects, there is no need to do real time export as the result will be the exact same.

It’s not doing it on every project, it seems just larger or ones with more VSTs. I’ve not been able to isolate it being a particular plug-in. I did trash the preferences but it still does it.

The mix-down still happens, it produces the mix, just the cubase user interface does not display the progress and the cancel button has not been drawn properly. It’s hard to know if something is not working correctly though.

ALso, sometimes when I click Export on the export audio mixdown window, the progress box appears briefly at 100% before it flashes on & off then starts again.

Here’s what I see (attached)… had to take it with camera phone

Try to reinstall Cubase, also update GPU drivers if not already updated.

It happens, I have seen it in every Cubase version since Cubase sx3.
What exactly the trigger is, I dont know.

Ahh, right. I’ve not seen it before until now.

Is the mix-down process actually still working properly? I mean, I know it’s mixing-down still, but how do we know it’s still working properly?

It’s strange, on some larger projects I’ve tried tonight, it works, on other it doesn’t. Yet they both use the same sets of plug-in etc. I thought, well it’s still mixing down and producing a mix, so it’s no biggy. But then it got me thinking, but what if it’s not doing something or not properly? It can get a bit uncertain when the UI goes pear-shaped. I mean there has to be a reason it’s doing it/not doing it, it’s software.


I don’t think this is a plugin related bug. More likely just a graphics/GUI bug. Your mixdown should still be fine.

The mixdowns are fine, i had one scary thing going on the other day, mixdown shows estimated 25 min. and suddenly stops for 10 seconds and then continues showing 2 hours.
It finished in 20 min. And the mixdown was fine, but not knowing what is going on is not inspiring confidence.
I would not mind a little more info while the mixdown takes place.
I had the ASIO buffer at 4096 samples and ASIO guard on high, to speed up the mixdown of the 1h30m long project.
That would be something to try, if a different buffer size could help the “no progress” issue.

A single project that runs an hour and a half? Wow. So, it took a long time, but Cubase got it right, that’s cool.

Many of the engineers have commented that there’s no good reason to do “real time export” if you are working exclusively ITB (in the box). If you are using external FX or instruments, then RT Export may be necessary, but only then.

Same Happens here on Win 7Pro. Sometimes it’s working and sometimes not. It is not reproducable, somehow random and it always involves external plugins. I wish someone could create a reproducable scenario of this bug. :frowning:

Try using real time export to locate a problem in a project.

I had a problem where Export audio mixdown kept crashing at exactly the same place. By using Real Time export, I was able to identify the exact location of the problem. I applied some processing to clips at that point and closed gaps on tracks with the glue tool. I disabled some other plug-ins and the mix exported without a problem.

So far, I was thinking, the issue appears while real time export.

Ive noticed a similar-ish problem that I now am thinking could be a graphics render issue of some sort. When I stretch an audio clip I sometimes get a hung up half greyed out dialog box regarding “updating image”. No progress shown and I forget what is greyed out, but I am able to close the box. I had assumed it was getting hung up in the process and would not actually stretch the audio. One day I just got annoyed and walked away with it in that position, was gone for some time, returned and in fact now the updated image for the clip was there and the process HAD taken place. Dont know how long it took, but when this happens it has the look and feel of a process not happening and then it ends up happening after all, with it looking more like a graphics glitch. Odd.

I’ve seen this too (although my Cancel button IS visible). I haven’t confirmed but feel like it’s when I use Slate FG-X on my master buss.

@Martin. I am seeing this on non-real time export, random, but usually on bigger projects. I’ve never seen it before C9.5.20. Hasn’t affected mixdown result.