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Hey Cubasers,

Does anyone know the reason behind a track not being included in an export mixdown when the track’s Monitor state is active? It seems bizarre to me that it would do that. I have recently changed the tracking to “Tape Machine Style” that activates monitoring when playback is stopped. If you forget to deactivate the Monitor in the track before mixdown it is not included.

Other than getting a better memory and remembering to deactivate tracks that have Monitoring active prior to mixdown, is there a preference that can be changed to include tracks that have monitoring active before mixdown included in the mix?

Thanks in advance for any suggestion.



Try making a macro:

Project Logical Editor - Monitor disable (you’d have to make this)
Export Audio Mixdown

Hi there

Yes is the answer, it does do this and has for the last few versions, why? Not sure, but I set up a macro (with associated KC) which turns off all record buttons and then launches the export audio dialog, so it becomes a non problem!

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Thanks for the suggestions guys. I’ll look into a Macro. Dave, what is “KC”? So the best way would be to make the Macro disable all record enabled tracks?

No, you’d have to make a PLE preset which disables the Monitor buttons on all tracks, and then put this in a macro. Take a look in the manual for PLE and key command details.

PLE means Project Logical Editor. (Probably among the most useful parts of the program! and well worth exploring)
KC means Key Command.