Exporting Mixdowns

Hello Lars :smiley: I’m having an issue with Cubasis LE for iOS. I’ve been using this app to make songs for almost a year now, and I gained access to the app via my Yamaha AG06 mixer. I also payed the $30 to buy the extra features, although once I switched from my iPad to an iPhone, the purchase didn’t transfer and I couldn’t restore it. I’ve never had problems using the app to make songs, and I’ve always been able to download my mixdowns to my files app, as well as share them with friends. But recently when I click “share mixdown” it tells me I need to purchase an upgrade. I was super frustrated by this. It won’t let me share or download my mixdown whether or not I am plugged into the mixer. Please let me know if I overlooked something, I spent a long time on my song and I don’t want it to go to waste. Thank you for being an attentive developer :sunglasses:

Hi Totallynotjonah,

Thank you for your message.

Did I understand you correct, that you’ve purchased the Cubasis LE 3 Full Feature Set IAP but are unable to transfer it to the iPhone?
If so, please follow the steps below.

Normally, Cubasis LE in-app purchases should automatically be synced between your iPhone and iPad devices.
If you encounter issues, please have a look at the following steps:

  1. Under “iTunes & App Store” you log in for purchases
  2. At the top of the list you log in with your Apple ID for iCloud sync

Make sure that you are logged in at both places with the same Apple ID on both iPad and iPhone. Also make sure that in (2), “iCloud” is enabled.
Cubasis 3 uses iCloud to sync your list of purchases across all your devices. Hence, iCloud must be enabled with the same Apple ID.

Hope that helps!

Best wishes,