Exporting Mp3 and Wav at the same time..HELP PLEASE

Curious little thing with Cubase 10.5 Elements I cant remedy and wonder if anybody out there can?

Im working on a track and I export an mp3 of a mix to send to a friend … that works fine, but when I look in the song folder I see Cubase has also exported a Wav…and I didnt ask it too. I cannot see anywhere to switch this off. …and I cant find anything online.

Can anyone please tell me why it is doing this and how I can switch this of so it just exports one file of my choice?

Many thanks


Are you sure Cubase exported it? Cubase does export directly to MP3, if you ask for it. Could you attach a screenshot of your Export Audio Mixdown window, please?

yeah seeing what your settings are would be helpful

It sounds as if you have insert enabled, that would re-import it audio file as a wav.
export settings ->> ‘after export’.


Indeed, this would concert the MP3 to the WAV file. But the WAV file would be placed to the Audio subfolder of the project folder not to the escorted folder (if it has not been exported to thet folder).

HI all. Here is a screen shot. I am exporting to the Audio subfolder of the song Im working on. In this case I am asking to export a MP3…which it does, but it also creates a Wav file. At this particular point in the project I just want an mp3…at the end I would mix down to a Wav.

Interesting, I do have this ticked…but why would it create a Wav if I havent asked it to. If I remember correctly in earlier version of Cubase I also had this ticked as i imagined it would then keep the exported file in the “pool” ie the audio folder. Maybe i am wrong about this?? Anyway…I will try this and see what results :slight_smile: thanks for your help


You asked for it. When you import MP3, Cubase converts it to WAV automatically.

I never knew this. The one confusing thing is that I am not importing a mp3…Im exporting it as a mixdown of the song Im working on. Thanks again