Exporting MP3 suddenly sounds dreadful!

Hi guys & gals,
I have been exporting MP3s from Cubase Pro 12 for 12 months. Suddenly today, they all sound like they are being played in an aeroplane hangaer. I Can not work out what has happened and how to fix it. Oddly, exporting the same song as a Wav file sounds great ?!? Any suggestions?

Hi… Is ‘Bit Rate’ set to 320? Is ‘Export As’ set to Interleaved?


Thank you Casey. Don’t know how I missed that… or why the settings changed themselves either?!?
What is it with Cubase crashes that mess up soundcard drivers and general settings?
Many thanks, Much apreciated.

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Yeah I know… happens all the time… Now I keep a mental cheat sheet of things to check when things blow up.

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