Exporting Multichannel/Individual Tracks with Group Effects Applied to Individual Tracks

Hello, in Cubase 12 with all the latest updates, I’m wondering if there is currently a way to export individual stems while retaining the effects and automation applied to the channel’s groups in the project?

By this I mean not exporting the group as such, but rather the individual stems associated to that group and have the effects and automations of that group applied to the individual stems.

If it’s not currently possible to export stems with effects and automation applied to individual channels in Cubase 12, I strongly urge that this feature be given top priority in future updates. This functionality should be considered paramount for the software’s usability and appeal to professional music producers and engineers.

The workflow and project setup that I am most accustomed to is to have each stem represented by its own group channel. Is there a reason you can’t have your projects set up this way?

Hello, thank you for your input and idea. While it may be a solution for you, I don’t quite see the reasoning behind it. In other words, what purpose or use do you find in having each individual channel within a group? Is it perhaps because you require extensive effects chains?

In my case, I use groups to compile a series of channels into a single group. This is mainly because there are instances when I apply a plugin to multiple channels, and this way, I don’t have to apply the same plugin ten times. I believe the primary function of a group is precisely to group channels together.

In my workflow, it wouldn’t be feasible to route each channel to a group. Additionally, due to the nature of the production, the project would become excessively large, as there are times when I have 150 or more channels in use.

Therefore, it would be a fundamental feature for Cubase to include the effects applied to individual channels when exporting in a multichannel format. It’s somewhat peculiar that this capability is not available, especially considering that “render in place” offers a similar function, albeit not for groups. What I mean is that you can choose to include even the effects on the master channel in the render process.

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“Exporting Multichannel/Individual Tracks with Group Effects Applied to Individual Tracks”