Exporting Multichannel/Individual Tracks with Group Effects Applied to Individual Tracks

Hello, thank you for your input and idea. While it may be a solution for you, I don’t quite see the reasoning behind it. In other words, what purpose or use do you find in having each individual channel within a group? Is it perhaps because you require extensive effects chains?

In my case, I use groups to compile a series of channels into a single group. This is mainly because there are instances when I apply a plugin to multiple channels, and this way, I don’t have to apply the same plugin ten times. I believe the primary function of a group is precisely to group channels together.

In my workflow, it wouldn’t be feasible to route each channel to a group. Additionally, due to the nature of the production, the project would become excessively large, as there are times when I have 150 or more channels in use.

Therefore, it would be a fundamental feature for Cubase to include the effects applied to individual channels when exporting in a multichannel format. It’s somewhat peculiar that this capability is not available, especially considering that “render in place” offers a similar function, albeit not for groups. What I mean is that you can choose to include even the effects on the master channel in the render process.