exporting multiple audio events on same track

Is there a way to export multiple audio events from the same track? I want the events exported as separate .wav files.

The situation is: For a video game project, I chopped up a field recording of footsteps into individual steps. Each step is now a unique, short and separate audio event. So I want each step exported as a separate .wav (batch file naming would be great too…). Then I will have a library of individual footsteps. Is there a way to do this easily?


PC/ Cubase 5

Look up “bounce selection” in the manual, might do what you want…

That does not perform batch processing. You can go through and select each individual event and bounce it and get a “Copy of ::audio file name::” put in your audio folder. Or you can select all of those events and bounce it to one huge event. Still not batch processing. Every thread I have searched for on this matter says “look in the manual for bounce selection”. If you’re just going to refer people to the manual without any help or guidelines, then a reply is useless. I’ve scoured the manual. The feature just doesn’t seem to be implemented far as I can tell. It would be nice if people would respond to this thread with actual useful information.

If there’s no processing involved, then you can just grab them from the project audio folder. You may have to select them all then Convert To Real Copy first.

What is your used software after all…?