Exporting Multiple Channels - Large file size

Hi community,

When exporting multiple channels in my current project, the total file size of all stems combined is 14GB. Is this normal?

So I have a quick question regarding exporting multiple channels in Cubase 10. The piece I’m currently arranging is about 11minutes long and contains 66 stems, primarily consisting of orchestral sample libraries. I need to export each stem for mixing but the result is that all the stems combined reach a total of over 14GB.

Each individual stem is 226MB (regardless of how frequently or infrequently the instrument track actually performs notes).

I appreciate the length of the piece and the sheer amount of stems, but I wondered if there is something I’m missing or outright doing wildly inefficiently. I can manage if necessary, but it seems extraordinarily large.

Any help is greatly appreciated!


It depends what audio file type do you use, sample rate, bit depts, and compression level (if you use any compressed file type).