Exporting multiple formats at the same time - possible in Cubase?

I didn’t see mention of it in the manual, but I might be missing something. A massively useful feature in Pro Tools is the ability to export an mp3 alongside any other format. For me, I have crazy fast deadlines and turnarounds for my work and this helped greatly. So, for instance, I would export BOTH a 48k 24bit WAV file AND a high-res mp3 at the same time.

Some of you will say: Just do it in another program! Any unnecessary extra step like that absolutely gets in the way when clients are breathing down your neck for revisions on multiple cues and they need a preview file as well as the full-res (we’re talking cues sometimes up to 15 minutes in length at times), so I’m hoping this feature is hidden somewhere. No need to argue this point-- it’s just how it is with my work, no exaggeration. I know you can do it in Wavelab.


Unfortunately this feature is not in Cubase/Nuendo.

I made a little script years ago (that I don’t use anymore) that monitored a directory for wav files, and if it found anything started to convert to mp3 and moving the files.
The “Post Process” in the Export window would be a good place to add more than just open in Wavelab and Soundcloud.
I wonder if those are hard coded or it’s time to mess around xml files :slight_smile: