Exporting multiple regions from Cubase project


Does anyone else wish for ability to export multiple regions (as audio mixdown) at once in Cubase?
Until this feature comes along, you might want to check out this tool that I have been working on:


It is a small, free standalone application that can make the process of exporting multiple audio regions in a Cubase project easier – especially if you want to do it more than once.

I created the tool because I needed it myself for a project where I was working with a lot of foley sounds for a computer game. It is very annoying to export about 30 footstep sounds (including naming them), do some changes and then export them again.
And why not share the tool so that others might benefit from it as well? I think that it makes Cubase a better tool for this kind of projects.

It must be mentioned that Cubase and Steinberg have nothing to do with the development of this tool and therefore they are in no way responsible for it – its functionality / lack of functionality or for supporting it.

Let me know if you find the tool useful, if you find bugs etc…

Best regards Jakob


Build-in Render in Place can also do it, or is it different?

Btw: Nuendo, what is software for the Game Audio, can make exports out of the Markers.

I might check this out. It’s a feature from REAPER I miss - batch exports.

I used it for mastering sessions. For instance, stagger 10 songs on 10 tracks. Set the export region for each of them and queue it as an export. When done, launch all exports. Go make a sandwich. :sunglasses:

@ Martin.Jirsak
I must admit that the function Render in Place that came with Cubase 8 can, to some extend, do the same :astonished: .
I actually hadn’t investigated the feature because it’s name suggests that you want to replace something in your project (which is probably it’s intended purpose). But if you select As Block Events, choose Complete Signal Path + Master FX and check Mix Down to One Track, it will do a separate audio mixdown of connected blocks. Then you just have to make sure, that each desired mixdown region doesn’t have gaps (an empty audio event can fix any such gaps) and at the same time, that there are gaps between the regions. A minor annoyance is that it imports the files to a new track in the project. The only thing that it doesn’t do is specific naming of exported files – when Mix Down to One Track is selected, you have to use a fixed name.
But I probably wouldn’t have developed the program had I known about the possibilities of the feature Render in Place. Even though it leaves some things to wish for, and though it might be a bit confusing, it does almost the same as my exporter program.

You say that Nuendo, as my exporter program, has the ability to export audio mixdown on the basis of markers, and I know that it has some features for game audio development. But it is also a fair bit more expensive than Cubase (around 1200 euros more).


I’m glad, Render in Place works too for you.

Btw: There is Render in Place Export in Nuendo, which doesn’t put the files to the project, but export it. In this Render in Place Export, you have the whole Naming Scheme options, same as it is in the common export. So I would say, this is exactly, what you are looking for.