Exporting multiple tracks independently with exact track lengths

I learned how to export multiple tracks independently, but I don’t know if there is any way to export each track with each of their exact track length automatically configured. Is there a way for this?

Export>Audio Mixdown won’t help, since the mixdown is either based around locators or cycle markers:

  • Locators will be fixed length for all tracks
  • Cycle Markers can’t be calibrated to solo a specific track, they’d just export whatever’s playing within their range.

However, when you ‘Render In Place’ this does create a WAV file of the selected events on a per track basis (check the Pool to find it) - you might find that helpful. There are a number of ‘Render Settings’ which might have what you’re looking for. Select the events (MIDI or Audio) then go Edit>Render In Place to find what might be of use.

Hope that helps!


Thanks for this tip. It works like a charm. Really appreciate it :slight_smile: