Exporting MusicXML file to Sibelius - Errors

When I try to open a MusicXML file that I exported from C7.0.4 (and I tried 6.5 too with the same results) with Sibelius 6.2 I get an error message:

Sibelius 6 has encountered an error in this MusicXML file:

Datatype errorL
Type: InvalidDatatypeFacetException.
Message Value ‘0’ must be greater than or equal to MinInclusive ‘1’. at line 37 column35.

If you open it, you may experience unexpected problems with the resulting score or Sibelius 6 may even crash. Do you want to continue opening this MusicXML file?

I say yes and see several more such errors. Sibelius doesn’t crash and I am able to work in the score it would seem.

Anyone else had this problem. Can’t tell if it’s Sibelius or Cubase.

Sorry I don’t have Sibelius personally to verify with. If you export from 7.0.4, then import to 6.5.3, do you get an error? If you export from Sibelius to C7, then export from C7 to Sibelius, do you get the same error?

I tried for you : it works with Sibelius 7.1.xxx.
But I rembember that the version of sibeluis 7.0 was not ok for import xlm allways error
Best regards