Exporting OMF...what is lost?

Will our fades and volume automation be there? Event gain settings? Pan settings? Will audio data be dry on with the effects we placed on them?

A bit new to exporting OMF’s so any insight could help…

THANKS!! :mrgreen:

Mixed an album for which I got .omfs made with Logic: pure audio events in correct arrangement on ‘naked’ channels. No plugins rendered, no volume/pan settings or automations.

Possibly it depends on where the .omf is coming from but why not setting up a test > export/import .omf withing Cubase and see what’s going to happen? Should give you a basic idea of what’s going on in omf-country. And yeah, be sure to set the correct tempo in the empty project before you are going to import the .omf into it.

Thanks…I suppose that’s a good start. I’m exporting to other mix engineers but haven’t discussed what DAW they’re using.

Found this too in the mean time:


I guess OMF 2.0 supports event gain data and fades but nothing more. It’s odd though cuz he posted that in 2014 and he’s exporting from C4 > PT7 lol :slight_smile: