Exporting only group channels that are in use?

When it’s time to export audio, I know I can export group tracks only but I have a lot of group tracks set up that I don’t always use. Is there a way to only select the group tracks that have data in them before exporting?



In the Track Visibility Agent, you can Show Tracks with Data. For the Group and FX Channels, the “data” is automation.

What do you mean, for the group channels it’s automation? What if I don’t have automation on the tracks, can I still automatically select the group channels that are being used? and that is for the mixer display, what about when I go to export stems? Can I just have it export the stems from the group channels that are active only?


I mean, if you use the Show Tracks with Data in Cubase, then the Automation Data are considered as the data for the Group Track. If you have no automation data in the Group Track, the Group would become hidden after using this function.

By “group channels that are being used” if you mean some other Track routes its signal to this Group then I’m not aware, how to find this routing automatically in Cubase. So I’m afraid, there is no way.

In the Export Audio Mixdown window, there are no automatic selection options available.

ok thank you for the reply. Maybe I’ll add it to a feature request form. Mainly because I have group tracks like High strings, low strings, etc. but they all are routed to another group track called strings. So when exporting stems, rather than having to export every individual track or even high, low string group tracks, I can just export the strings group track. But I have so many categories and such, its hard to remember which ones I’m using when I do the mix down.

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