Exporting or printing Project Browser content

Hello everyone,
I need to “explore the past” in order to find a single change I made, that erroneously introduced an unwanted attenuation of a single track in a project. My idea was to consult the Project Browser (Ctrl-B) of different projects, like the current one and one saved in the past, and search for certain difference in plugin parameters, automation nodes etc. Is there a way to export the whole Project Browser content to a text file, or to print it?
Seems to me a much better solution than having both projects open and going back and forth between them, for every single line of the PB content. Or am I supposed to read the PB window and manually write down the relevant data on paper?

Solutions? Suggestions?

Thank you all and best regards


Unfortunately you cannot export the Browser as a TXT file.

You can Export a selected track, this will create XML file. Then you can compare them.

I find the Windows Snipping Tool invaluable in situations like this. Not as good as being able to export text, but still an easy way to have a temp copy of something you need to reference. Or save it as an image for more permanent use.