Exporting Plugin Parameters Into a .DOCX or .PDF file?


I recently upgraded from an old PC to a new one and had to redownload all of my plugins. Turns out I was using old versions of some plugins and had to download the latest versions. Unfortunately, doing so wiped the plugin parameters to 0. If only I had a document containing the parameters!

What if there was a Cubase feature that allowed you to export plugin parameters? For instance, you could select each track whose plugin parameters you wish to export, and simply click File > Export > Plugin Parameters of Selected Tracks

I think this could be beneficial in many ways - for instance, if you wanted to send your music to someone to remix in a different DAW, you could send them this .DOCX file for reference.

Is this a feature you guys would like to see? If there is widespread demand, we may see this feature added in the next Cubase update.

I was/am going through the same migration process. I simply took screenshots of all my parameter screens. A bit tedious, but it works :slight_smile:

I might be wrong, but I don’t think this is really possible. The host can save a plugin’s current state (in the project, so it can be recalled), but as far as I understand the VST SDK, that is just a chunk of binary data that only the plugin itself can interpret properly, because only that knows which part of the chunk belongs to which internal parameter.

So probably your only chance is a) screenshots, as mentioned, or b) if the plugin has it’s own preset saving mechanism (which most - at least commercial - plugins have nowadays)

If a plugin resets a parameter to zero after an update, it is a buggy plugin anyway…