Exporting problem

i have been using Nuendo since 1.6. In that time i have exported audio files to have other mixing engineers work on the project. All files would be exported without any of the fader/eq/pans/inserts applied to the exports.
Now it seems to have been changed. i recently exported a project, like i have always done, and the mix engineer called me and said that the files were processed. I looked at the files that i had sent to them by opening the consolidated files as a new project and YES they were all processed.
I had to go thru all 22 song folders, open each song, set everything to zero, pans to center, turn off all eq/inserts/sends and redo the exports all over again at which time they came out right.
Has anyone else experienced this problem?? is there something new going on here, am i overlooking something.

i suspect you must have been sending them an omf in the past which would just be the raw audio. exporting will always include the eq, inserts, etc.