Exporting problems

Hi, I am having some issues while exporting. I am noticing that sometimes for no apparent reason when I export some tracks do not get exported. Normally Midi tracks. Also sometimes there is a weird kkkkkksssshhhh type of sound when I export. I never had problems before and have checked all my export setting and everything is setup the way it should be.
No tracks muted, etc. Anyone else having export problems?

Thank you,

Dallon Ghan

Not having any mixdown issues but… have you upgraded to the latest CB version (9.0.10)?

Also, is the noise throughout the track? Any pre/post inserts mistakenly active on the track or the main stereo channel? An example is this might be a VST like iZotope Vinyl which is designed to create that type of sound on purpose.

Regards :sunglasses: