Exporting Selected Tracks and Bounce Selection Question

I’m finishing up a record that I recorded with Cubase and then did a submix and took stems to a really nice studio with a Helios console and finished it up…ALMOST! I need to splice a couple of the mixes together. For instance, mix A has a better beginning and mix B has a better end, and so on. And I don’t have the money or time to go back and do that at the studio and they felt that it was something that I could do without detriment. So, I’m wondering how best to do this. I definitely do not want to “mixdown” anything or have it processed. I just want to edit and export.

I was figuring that I would make my slices and then “bounce selection” and then either just pull that file out of the folder? Or, is it better to export “selected tracks”? If so, whats the difference between “copy” and “reference”?


ive always used a standalone wave editor such as Wavelab…i woulda thought it would handle wavs better/more gently than dragging them again into cubase as youre not “re-rendering” the bits of data…?

Hmm. I don’t have Wavelab. Might give it a demo, but really just need to get this done…like yesterday. Thanks for the suggestion


Cubase is fine for what you want to do.

Assuming the mix files are still unmastered ie, 24 or 32 bit files with no shaped dither applied.

Bounce will work fine, remember to set the project bit depth to the required file resolution.

Or just export the edit/s to the required bit depth (24 bit?)

As a note. If you leave all the faders at unity and have absolutely no other processing going on, Cubase will not change the bit depth of the imported files (assuming you do not convert on import) in which case export or bounce at the files original bit depth.

They are master files with dither applied. That’s why I want to be sure that only editing is taking place.

Just follow the advice at the end of my last post. Do not change level or apply anything at all. Import without changing bit depth/sample rate and do the same at export. Cut at zero crossing points and no Xfades.

Thanks. I just dragged them in. That doesn’t change anything, right?

No, as long as you didn’t get a box that asked you to change the bit depth or sample rate.

they tried to get me to, but i refused :slight_smile:

Hey Split, Is it definitely a no-no to apply a fade to a mastered file? Just trying to save time and money.

The point is that any, and I mean any processing, and that includes fades or gain change will cause Cubase to go to 32 bit float. That will mean you should then use dither when going back to 16 bit. It’s up to you to decide if more dither or no dither is ok.