Exporting separate MIDI files


I’m on Cubase Pro 8 and I have a project where I want to export all the MIDI tracks to separate *.mid files at one time.
When I go to "Export -> Midi File it included all the track in one file. And having to Solo every track and exporting it one by one is a pain and time consuming.

Is there any way to do this?

Thank you.

If you glue all events to a single one for each track (alt click on first event) you can just drag them to desktop…still one at a time I’m afraid but mshould be quicker

Other than this you would have to write a macro to select next midi track, solo it and export. I’d give it a go but am on my way out the door.

Thank you, I’ll try the macro idea. A bit tedious that Steinberg doesn’t just incude it as an option automatically.