Exporting Separate Tracks

I have been having trouble exporting my mix which are all on separate tracks. When I go to export each track I will click on each individual track and export audio mix down. Once I have exported all the tracks I go into the mastering setup and start importing my files. When I have imported all the files to the mastering setup, all the tracks which each sound different will be the same exact file and sound as the first track in my recording. Can someone try to help my figure out what I am doing wrong here? I want the tracks to be imported into the mastering setup exactly how I have recorded them on their separate tracks. Please help me if you know what is going on here! Thank you!!

Now what do you want? export a mix, or export single tracks? Also which track gets exported does not depend on which track is “clicked on” (whatever exactly you mean with that), but on which output is selected, and which sources are routed to and playing via this output - Read the manual