Exporting Single WAV file and CUE Sheet?

Hi Folks,

I have a client leaving for China and I need to be able email him a master stereo WAV file and a CUE sheet so that he can burn the master himself using Image Burn.

Ironically I know how to export a single WAV in Nuendo and by putting the timecode in CD frames I can just manually make the cue sheet, but in this case I’ve already done the mastering in WL. I can manually make the CUE sheet if I have to, but how do I export the single WAV file (with all the processing of course)?

For that matter, I’m sure it’s in the manual somewhere, but how does one export the tracks even as individual WAVs (with processing)? Sorry, I’m just up against a deadline.

Thanks so much for your help!

Render the montage with this option:

Perfect! Thanks so much!