Exporting Slices as Wav files


Is it possible in Halion 5 to export slices into separate wav files? It seems Halion only creates markers but can’t actually crop and export each individual slice. I’m new to Halion 5 and this functionality if it exists is not that intuitive. The manual doesn’t seem to have this info either which leads me to believe this can’t be done.




It is possible.
Select samples in program tree, right click: Import/Export>Export Samples.
When the Sample export dialogue appears, check the trim samples option.

It is a bit tricky if you are trying to export sliced loop. I was able to export individual slices using the same method, but only after deleting the Slice Player module from the program tree.

PERFECT! Thank you so much.

Note like yourself, I also had to delete the “Slice Player module” from the right side program menu in order for the slices to save properly. Works fantastic. Yeah, I was scratching my head there wondering how to do it.

Thanks again and Happy Holidays from Japan.