Exporting small file issues

Hey guys this is driving me mental…

I make sound effects, and some times when I’m exporting something that’s shorter than a second eg 0.2 seconds, the end gets cut off. Also, some times silence is added to the start of the file, only about 0.5 seconds but this is not good for punchy SFX or looping.


Thanks in advance.

Do you have auto fade or crossfade active? This would effect the audio level at the start and end of an exported or bounced part.

Other than that, perhaps you could try realtime and non-realtime export options?

I have come across exports being different lengths but that’d be on 5 minute exports say and the difference would be a few samples… Strangely enough I got some drum stems from a PT session recently and the ends were different!!

As a work-around you could export more than you need, then trim/cut the new export back (magnetic cursor) to the correct size and bounce it, rename it, and copy it from the audio folder.


Thanks Mike, yes I’ve tried your suggestions and no go unfortunately, but much appreciated!

Funny thing is, I think I have had this problem before but then it goes away.

Picture attached shows the original file (orange).
export 1: normal settings
export 2: real time export
export 3: inserts bypassed on the master bus

I am exporting 24/48khz down to 16/44khz however, which looks like it could be the root issue here, just not sure what’s causing it. I’m also using the UV22HR.

Any ideas guys?
Cubase-Export small file issues.jpg

This time I didn’t change the sample rate and bit depth… see attached
Cubase-Export small file issues-02.jpg

I tested out some short clip exports, various lengths from .5s down to .1s and they all worked absolutely fine on my system. Same length in samples, all in sync with the original, spot on. I even changed to the directX drivers to see if that messed it up, but nothing made it fail! Tried it at the start of the project and a few minutes in, tried with real-time and non-real-time, still nothing fails.

I have ‘Deactivate External Midi Inputs’ and ‘Update Display’ checked for export.

As a suggestion, you could ‘trash the preferences’. You’d have to search to find out how to do this, I’ve never done it personally. Finally, perhaps a re-install, but I honestly can’t see why that would help.

My other suggestion is that maybe it’s something to do with the soundcard latency reporting, perhaps try another sound card to see if that works. Or check your drivers are up-to-date.