Exporting sound - various issues

Hello all

Apologies if this subject has been mentioned before, I found similar questions but not exactly the same ones.

Situation: exporting the sound of a choral piece SSA + piano.

  1. I wish to export the voices as a woodwind instrument (each a different one), for the choir members to practice with. I was able to change the sound for playback, but when I export it, it goes back to the original sound. Is there anything I can do about this? I use mac and export to .wav.

1b. also when I export all players separately, there is no sound at all in any of the files. (Also after having pressed ‘play’, which I found in another topic as a possible solution). But I only tried to export them separately as a workaround for problem 4, so that I could use Ableton Live to put the separate players together in the combinations that I want.

  1. I would prefer to export to mp3, but last time I tried, it kept on exporting previous versions of the piece, ignoring all the changes or additions I’d made. In .wav this doesn’t happen.

  2. It seems impossible to freely choose or change the name for my to-be-exported sound file. Is there a way? Just like you can easily do when exporting pdf’s, for example.

  3. Is there a way to export the sound of one specific layout? It seems you can only export per flow, so I’d have to create a new flow for each version I’d like to export (in this case: each of the three voices separately with piano), and this is quite time consuming while it is so easy to create a different layout.

Many thanks in advance for your answer

Dorico always exports from the Full Score layout highest up the list in the right panel of Setup mode. If you’re not finding any sound in any of your exported files, that would suggest that the Full Score layout highest up the list doesn’t have the relevant flows or players assigned. If you have multiple Full Score layouts, drag the relevant one up to the top of the list.

No, you can’t name audio files on the way out.

As to your MP3/Wav thing, is it possible that your audio player (iTunes/Apple Music is a particular offender) is caching your exported audio and continuing to play back the original version, rather than the one you just exported?