Exporting Stems - can this be done... Job Queues

I was originally excited to see ’ Job Queues’ as a new feature on Nuendo 11 but it still does not fix a problem I"ve always had when a client requests stems (when I say stems I refer to the correct meaning of subgroups of a project).

Job Queues is a neat way of setting up a job list of exports. But unless it is expanded to include recording the action of soloing of Groups and/Or groups of tracks when adding to a Job Queue it will not be the full deal,

The issue is that FX channels that are shared among tracks may end up incorrectly including FX bleed from other channels on a stem export. Depending on a user’s routing simply choosing a Group Channel in the Export Dialog will mean the resulting Stem export may miss the returning FX if the FX return is not returning to the group being exported.

To do this properly a Job Queue would need to be able to record the state of Solo’d Groups and channels with the processed output being the final MIX output or Output so that the audio and all associated FX would be included in that job Que item.

Any thoughts on this? I’m sure I’m not the only user with this time consuming issue in the Nuendo or Cubase world.

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I think you should adapt your routing to fit your needs… like others already doing…

Can you give me some ideas on this please?

Route the FX to the subgroups where you need them…

Although we all indeed do so, this shouldn’t hinder an application from getting smarter, should it?

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I agree with st10ss, if I’m reading them correct. If you currently have one effect that covers for example both dialog and effects, say a reverb, then best practice is to duplicated the verb and have two of them, one receiving from dialog and outputting to the dialog group, and one receiving music only and outputting to the music group (etc).

There are several benefits to this and one of them is the ability to export proper stems. In addition to that you also don’t have to do it in multiple steps in a queue since it’s all in ‘parallel’; you just do a batch export with all stems simultaneously. And on top of that you won’t need to create a solo arrangement for each queue and send to/ set that in Export Audio Mixdown’s queue list - you just do the selection of sources instead.

Btw; I take it this is for music, not post, right?

Sure. We did discuss this earlier this year - or something similar - and I think there are some caveats worth remembering when working that requested way though.

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