Exporting stems / tracks with bus/master bus processing

I know this have been discussed before, but is it any way to export singel tracks with bus processing ? The exported audio has to be identical to when every track is sent through a compressor on a bus .

The most challenging thing with the exporting stems through the master bus is Probably getting your compression or limiting to match up. This can be addressed using side chaining as demonstrated in this video.


Yes, thats the problem. Does Cubase have a easy way to do this? Like a built in option ?

The fact is that we need to change our approach. Knowing I have to pull out STEMS, I prefer to create buses for each STEM, avoiding doing it on the master bus. To date, this is the only easy way to export STEMS that recreate the mix as it is.

Could you please elaborate more?

By putting e.g. compression in the master bus exporting stems via this bus does not make any sense for obvious reasons. The same holds true for other processing.
The only musically reasonable approach is what lordadb wrote. If we still insist to manipulate the sum of all this processing-chain cannot reasonably process sub-sums. After all this is the purpose of summing…(to do processing of the sum). IN other words: The sum of equally processed sub-signals is not the same as the processed sum of the signals.