Exporting Studio Connections and Workspaces to a 2nd PC

Hi, I stumbled upon a file I had backed up called “ControlRoomPresets.pxml” which according to my old notes I was supposed to drop back in the folder C:\Users\Myname\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Cubase 8_64\Presets in order to import the input/output/studio connections that I had on my other workstation. I tried today but they werent available in Cubase. So something must have gone wrong or changed in how things work. So basically HOW DO I…

  1. Export properly VST Connections for Input, Output, and Studio? I know how to save my settings in Cubase once I have them teaked but where is the file containing this which I can carry over to the other workstation? Once I have the file, is it possible to just drop it in the same folder on the next workstation and have them available in Cubase?

  2. How do I export workspaces so that I can bring those too in the second workstation?

  3. All Preferences under the “Preferences” menu item. How do I export those and import those into the other workstation?

An answer to all 3 questions would be great and I’ll make sure to note the procedure.