Exporting Tempo Texts via XML

Hello All–

So a still new Dorico user, I have a question: I’ve imported a number of old Sibelius files via XML into Dorico, and while the results are pretty terrific, the biggest problem has been that what was a Tempo text in Sibelius reads as a default text in Dorico. Short of re-inputting them all, is there another more global way to address this?

One of the limitations of MusicXML is that there is no good way to encode the difference between tempo text and other kinds of text in the document, so Dorico does its best to guess whether or not a given text item in the MusicXML file is a tempo or something else, based on its content.

You can’t convert a regular text item into a tempo item automatically, but hopefully it’s not too slow to double-click the faulty text item, copy its contents to the clipboard, then delete it, and enter a new tempo item via Shift+T and paste in the clipboard contents.

That’s fine–and I type fast so re-inputting is not such a chore. Just wondering if there was a simpler way.