exporting to DAW

I use Dorico primarily to write sax quartet arrangements and I find the saxophone sounds to be among the most realistic I’ve heard. Problem is, I want to export MIDI to my DAW and then add bends, fall offs and such that Dorico can’t play back and I want to use the same Halion Sonic sax sounds that Dorico uses. Yet Halion Sonic won’t show up as a plug in in the DAW. Halion Orchestra does but that doesn’t include any sax sounds. Is there a way to do this or am I just missing something?

Unfortunately I haven’t installed Halion ever, but I do everything you just described in Dorico these days… I just right click Staff > Add Staff Below and I do all the keyswitches there, when you’re done you do right click Staff > Remove staff

Also helps adding these to shortcuts, I have K for add and CTR+K for remove

That is not the user’s issue, sadly.

If you’re dealing mostly with pitch fluctuations, and you don’t have a hard and fast workflow in your DAW, you should be able to draw pitch bend automations in the envelope lanes in Play mode if Halion lets you map any CC channel for its pitch bend.

Oh! OK, maybe… For my libraries “bends, falls” are all keyswitches. Dorico doesn’t support Pitch Bend, but at least in Kontakt and VSL you can simply assign the Pitch Bend to a different controller number i.e. one supported by Dorico

Yeah, that’s what I was afraid of. I wasn’t too sure since I never really used Halion except for quick and dirty auditioning.

Perhaps the team can shed light on the issue. Is it a licensing thing?

You don’t say what the DAW is. This thread shows you how to add HALion Sonic to Logic.

In short, you have to download the standalone app for HALion, which includes the necessary audio components. You need to request a licence, but that’s free.