Exporting to PDf

I am trying to transfer a project to PDF via Print - Graphics. The Destination column specifies PDF andf Colour (but the issue is the same in Mono) and 150 dpi.

The resultant PDF file is mostly fine but I use a lot of dotted lines and some of these appear distorted. Can anyone suggest a remedy?

I am on Windows 11.


How are the dotted lines distorted? Are they not straight or do the dots fade out, or is something else the matter?

Are the lines supposed to be horizontal, vertical, or diagonal? That last may cause aliasing on the screen but still be okay in print.

Can you post enough of an image to show the problem?

You should find that the Resolution is greyed out (and unchangeable), as a PDF will be vector graphics, and thus don’t have a resolution, scaling to any size.


Ideally, you can show us a sample PDF or a screenshot of the problem?

Hi - this is what I’m seeing:

Screenshot 2024-06-13 104645

However, I’ve discovered that as you zoom in, so the image is corrected and looks as it should. This only occurs on zoomed out views.

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Is this is your PDF viewer app? What are you using? Does it print ok?

Can you upload a sample PDF, plus Dorico file?

I’m using Acrobat Reader to view and the document prints OK on my laser.

I think Acrobat has some settings relating to ‘sharpening’ text and lines. It’s possible that these are interfering.

Thanks benwiggy - I’ve unticked ‘Enhance thin lines’ and it looks much better! Help much appreciated.