Exporting to Pro Tools?

What is the best way to export a full score for use in Pro Tools (specifically)? Any first hand advice?

This depends greatly on what you are expecting to do in Pro Tools. Most people use Pro Tools just for working with audio and not with MIDI. It can work with MIDI, but its tooling for that is on the weak side.

It definitely depends on what you want to do in Pro Tools.

  1. If you want to use the audio from Dorico in Pro Tools, you can export wav files of either the full mix, orchestral sections, or individual players depending on your preference and how much mix control you want in PT.

  2. If you want to use sample libraries etc in Pro Tools, then you’ll want to export a MIDI file, which you can then import into PT and assign instruments as desired.

These steps are not specific to PT, but there is nothing inherently different in PT compared to other DAWs in this regard.

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What I want to do is export the entire score for further processing and the addition of sounds and effects that are not possible in notation software. Yes, I know midi is not the greatest in PT, but to say no one does it seems curious.

I am new to all of this, but everyone seems to say Notation software is “not” designed for playback, or creating high quality audio files (correct me if I am wrong). And it also seems like most film composers work directly into a DAW.

My problem is I can’t play a keyboard to save my life, but I can write in musical notation just fine, so I feel I need to start in notation software and produce the final output in a daw. The reason I specify PT is because the people I am working with only use PT.

I guess what I was looking for is are there any known issues when exporting the midi. To PT or in general.

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I guess the only thing to be aware of is that Dorico will follow instructions like pizz etc natively and use different samples for playback depending on your on screen instructions. Midi will lose that information, so you’ll need to spend time programming those changes, including if you want fast attacks for a 16th note run vs slower attacks for a mellow section with long notes etc.

That’s exactly what I was looking for. Thank you.

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No problem!