Exporting track


I have a track which has been exported at 48khZ and 24 bits.

I would Like to do some editing on the track and then export again the track edited.

Would this decrease the quality of my track ?

On other words, does exporting decrease quality of a track ?

Waiting for your reply.

No, not if you export it in 48Khz/24bit

Hi, @Stephane_MILTON

No reason to fear a quality decrease of your track, no matter the frequency sampling/bit s depth used. This is one (and probably the first) reason to use digital support over analog one (tapeā€¦).

To be sure, just use different track versions , one as already exported and the other, with the editing done.


Thanks a lot.

Do I still have to set up my project at 48kHZ and 24 bits before importing the track ?

Yes, always match your project with the files you are working with