Exporting Tracks for mixdown

hi all,

just wanted a few different perspectives on how you bounce down tracks to audio for further mixing.

ive been experimenting with different techniques, but was interested to see how other work with ‘stems’

  1. bounce grouped audio channels as stems — then mix

  2. bounce INDIVIDUAL tracks including reverb/send fx NOT including groups ----then mix ( are some of the dynamics lost, in regards to compressors on group channels ??)

    be interested in you views as ive been primarily been mixing in the project, but want to venture into more post production mixing.

    thanks in advance


Could you explain more as to why you would want to reduce your mix options by sub mixing first?

i dont want to reduce my options,

for example I might sub mix some drums in a project… do a few filters etc.

is it worthwhile me bouncing the channels or the sub mixes, or will i loose some of the dynamics of the other instruments hitting the compressor of the group channel.

its more a question of architecture and routing when the bounces take place. etc

I would say no, unless you are trying to save some CPU!


I only sub-mix (render audio) if insufficient CPU becomes an issue. If using a resource-hog VSTi stresses the system, I’ll render audio for that track(s) and then remove the VSTi from the virtual instrument rack*, freeing up CPU resources. I rarely ever have to do that.

I do not use the “freeze” function.

Any special reason why?

I’m no expert but I think different methods suit different situations. If I’m really clear on the sound I want(i.e . I don’t mind rolling off any muddy bass frequencies from a group of instruments) stems are quick and efficient. But if I really can’t decide if the cellos need to stay phat while the basses (or more often it’s reverb)need pruning I’ll keep everything separate. If I have the processing power and it’s a piece with a lot of changes I’ll try and keep everything separate. But that’s just me.

It is too time intensive a process. I can render audio and have all tracks ready for immediate processing/edits faster than dealing with “freeze”. “Freeze” doesn’t suit my work-flow. I got a machine with enough power to keep up with me instead. It drives me bonkers when I can’t walk at my own (fast) pace. Going slow is exhausting.

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I don’t think I have ever used freeze. At least it has been so long I can’t remember, but that short term thing seems like it is getting shorter. :slight_smile:

Well I use the freeze function to carry to-be-edited VSTi instruments tracks from one pc to other (without the VSTi)

Thats a great use for it.

Me neither…

Amen … it is written on whatever it is they write on over there.

I don’t use Freeze either. Much faster to bounce and remove the VSTi if necessary.

I render to audio because I do some mixing at another, much better facility. The mixer guy typically wants everything “referenced to zero” which means each track starts at the same position (regardless of where in the track the audio begins); that way, they can all be exported into whatever DAW he uses with a couple keystrokes