Exporting tracks using markers


I just finished an album, 8 tracks. Done a quick master of it. Some track are overlapping, some have some transitions from one to another so I couldn’t just Export them as they are. OK, I used markers to set where I want tracks to start and to finish and used the Cycle Markers to export all the tracks in one go.

Everything got nicely divided and exported, no problem.

All tracks have the File Name (“Opowieść Master Track” in this case) and the numbers 1 to 8, that’s OK but is there a way to tell Cubase to use the Markers names to each exported track?
That would save some time with renaming them later…



Click to the gear button (Setup Naming Scheme; next to the File Name field) in the Export Audio Mixdown window. Here, you can drag and drop the Cycle MarkerNam or Cycle MarkerID field to the Result field. These parameters will be part of the file name then.

HA! That’s brilliant.
Thank You very much Martin. :slight_smile: