Exporting tracks

I have an audio track that is 2 hours long.

I want to split it into two 1 hour tracks. So I split it using the scissors and move half of it to a new track.

Both parts now play back separately.

How can I save these two parts as separate .wav files?

If I select both tracks and goto File/Export/Selected Tracks/Copy, the program just exports the original file as one item.

If I select both tracks and goto File/Export/Selected Tracks/Reference, the program just creates an html file.

If I select just the second half of the original file, the entire file is exported.

Am I missing something?

Set your locators correctly before export.

However, when I want to export lots of files cut up from one files and I haven’t done any processing, other than fade in and fade out, I just name the clips and then export as an OMF.


Another way is to move the files so that they are one after the other (but can be on separate tracks) and create cycle markers for both files. They will export in one shot using the export function.


Set locators to first part, solo track and export. Set locators to second part… .

I can not get this to work.

I have the second part of the original recording on a separate track of its own.

I’ve set the L and R locators to before the beginning and after the end of the part (it’s about 1 hour long).

The track it is on is the only track highlighted - all other tracks a muted.

I select File/Export / selected Tracks/ [Copy].

It goes through the process but just seems to copy the entire original 2 hour recording!

I am not at all sure that the above is the right way to go - I just want to save half of the original recording as a separate .wav file. Is this possible?

As Lydiot suggested above, bounce to disk. Under the Audio menu. No need to mess with locators or exports/archives/whatever. If all you want is separate files identical to the originals, but cut… highlight each section (with the select tool-- the range tool will fill in the gaps and cuts with silence if you use it to bounce multiple events on the same track) and hit “Bounce”.

It is really that simple!


You have to choose Between Locators in the Export Dialog.

That’s it!

Many thanks Lydiot and Chewy - Bounce Selection is a new one on me.

No prob, and good luck! Probably THE most used function over here…


Another option would be to use the “make real copy” option.
The problem you face is when you cut these files, they are actually still the same length - if you pull out from the bottom handles they will all turn into full copies of the real thing.

1 - Make Real Copy of both sets
2 - Set locators & do an “export Audio Mixdown”

Thanks Neil. I noticed the thing about the lengths too.

For me, the Bounce Selection option could not be easier. I’ll be bouncing all over the place now - “…bouncy bouncy - bouncy bouncy”