Exporting Tracks

I have a bunch of tracks that I have processed using an RX Izotope plugin and offline processing.

I now want to export those tracks as .wav files.

So I select all tracks in the project, then File / Export / Selected Tracks / Copy and then select the folder I want the files to be placed in.

After the export I find that the files are placed in an additional folder called /Media and there are two versions of each track - the original unprocessed file and the file after offline processing, and the file names have numbers tacked on to the end of the file names - for each pair of tracks 01 and 01_01 or 04 and 04_01 etc gets added.

This means I have to move all of the files to the correct folder, delete all the unwanted versions and change all the names back to the original names - what a PITA.

Is it possible to just export the processed files to the exact folder selected with no changes to the file names?

I guess I’m doing something wrong.

What if you do a “Freez Edits” bevor exporting the tracks…then only one version, the processed audio, is exported…
If you need to keep the unprozessed audio, do a “Back Up Project” first…?