Exporting Tracks

Can tracks be exported individually? When I export a project the zip is containing the cbp file and one track (track 3) as a wav file. I’ve tried selecting all the tracks, and just single different tracks before exporting, but just get that same result.

Is there any way I can get all the tracks, or even just tracks that aren’t track 3 in there as wav files?


Realized the track that is exporting is the audio track, and the only one that isn’t a midi track, so that must be why (even though it’s labeled as track 3 when exported but is track 4 in the project). Tried freezing all the tracks, but they still didn’t export as wav files.

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Cubasis allows to export individual tracks via the “Create Mixdown” feature located under “Media/Mixdown”.

Here you can choose to “Create separate files for tracks” and to export MIDI files in a separate steps, opening the MIDI tab in the pop-up.

To learn more, please check out our dedicated “Share Your Music With The World” Cubasis tutorial:

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