Exporting unedited audio files in cubase5


I did extensive editing on a project and the now the band wants the original files, unaltered. I know all editing is virtual, but can’t figure out where the original unedited files are.



Look in the Pool

Hi Split,

Ok, I’m in the pool, but how do I export from there?



Drag them back into the project

Oh… and next time, save incremental versions as you go by using Ctrl Alt S , it can save you a lot of headaches :wink:

Hello Split,

It worked.




On a similar note - Is there a way to export the edited file(s)?

File, Export!!!

Thanks but that seems to export the unedited wav file. I have a multitrack session recording where I’ve cut a lot of empty space out. I want to save the good parts and send them to someone for their editing but everytime I use export, it exports the original uncut wave. Is there another setting I’m missing? Thanks again.