Exporting Video & Audio - Video Doesn't show up.

I have to do a Video presentation, nothing fancy, so I’ve been working on importing my Video and Audio files, syncing them and then exporting them to a common wave file. The video I shot was with a Pentax DSLR, and I just imported a song that I had previously recorded. Every time I export the file to a “Wave” format, ONLY the Audio works and the screen stays unchanged.

So what am I doing wrong? It seemed as thought everything else was working fine, I finally got the “Video Window” to show up in the mix, but again, when I export it to a Wave file only the Audio works.

I have Cubase LE, it was last updated on 6/2012.

Any Help is GREATLY appreciated.


Cubase does not export video.

then what’s the “Video” application for. Seems to me I saw a video on YouTube where they imported both Video and Audio, synced them, then played the video with the synced audio.

They played it in Cubase.