Exporting VST Drums with an Audio Project

Can I say at the outset, that I am a retired Haematologist, not an IT Whizz or Sound Engineer. I bought a Zoom R16…and Cubase came with it, to record my bands songs…for fun. I upgraded from Cubase LE 8 to Cubase Elements 8. Right, so that’s the preliminaries out the way.

I’ve been recording projects both via my Zoom, and Zoom as I/O into Cubase. Sort of getting the hang of it.
My problem comes when I add the VST pre-set drum tracks to my projects. Whilst in Steinberg “kit”, everything plays well. It’s when I go to export my project to convert to mp3 or CD, that I have my issues. Following the turorial instructions, all my project comes across into the other formats…except the drums.

I have to say…being old (60) and also a “blood” man, a lot of the replies to a lot of forum topics seem to be in very technical terminology. “You do x,y,z…easy”…which maybe it is if it’s your “thang”, but I could do the same with my line of work…and nobody would have a clue how to do it.
So, I suppose what I am asking is…How do I…in very simplistic terms (spoonfed), manage to get these drums exported with the rest of my project. :slight_smile:
Many thanks, be gentle lol.
Papadon (the clue is in the name)

First I would say this is not an age related thing as I am four years older than you. Second the whole process of learning to use Cubase takes time and practise.

It might be an idea to explain a bit more carefully what you are actually doing to create/achieve your drum tracks. That way we will have more to go on and might give us an idea of what is going wrong.

I am assuming that you have been using the export function, and have negotiated the Audio Mixdown window?

File>Export>Audio Mixdown.

Am I right in assuming that you are using a audio drum loop? From Media Bay?
Have you copied it to an audio track?

Or are you using midi loops?

Apologies…don’t know what I did…but I’ve just done a little experiment. Piano in 1st audio track. Clicked on one of the the drum tracks, which opened another track automatically…exported and saved as mp3 file…and guess what, it plays on itunes lovely :slight_smile: Happy puppy now.

Thanks Silhouette, I’ve just seen your reply. And yes, I was doing all these things…what seems to have been happening was I put the drum loops into an audio track, and getting nothing…and as you rightly say, it takes time getting used to this. This time, as said above, I just double clicked my preferred loop, which opened another track…which exported.

I’m not a patient person…I like things to work for me. many thanks.


I’m glad you have sorted things out. The Forum is a useful resource. Just make sure that the problem is explained clearly and you give a list of your gear.

Cubase is like learning an instrument and as such takes a long time to learn. The main problem is those tasks that you don’t do very often as there is a tendency to forget how you did it. I am an automatic user in that I now don’t think about most tasks that I regularly perform. I guess if you asked me to use the Warp function I might be puzzled for a while. Actually I think doing this kind of thing is good for the brain as I have noticed how much better I have become at problem solving.

I tend to find that patience improves with confidence. I mean you wouldn’t want to have an impatient surgeon would you?