Exporting WAV files from a Montage or BIN & CUE

Hi there!

I notice this forum is rarely used. hah! Not that I’m surprised, most of the world has moved on to Wavelab 7.

But anyways - This is a conundrum I’ve had with Wavelab for a long time - And that is HOW do I export seperate track WAV files from a Wavelab Montage? In other words, I have a montage cued up, all the the tracks and WAVs aligned where I need them to be, all the markers that are separating the tracks where they need to be. How do I tell Wavelab to export the SEPARATE TRACKS to separate WAV files?

And if this can’t be done in Wavelab… is there a way to export an entire Montage to BIN & CUE files?

To export separate tracks from the Audio Montage of WaveLab 6, you nett to set your track-, loop- or region markers correctly and choose “regions” in the rendering dialog.

“Create CD image and cue-sheet” is another option in the rendering dialog, and will create a wave file of your Audio Montage and a cue file.

Thank You! That did it!

Man… i’m kind of embarassed I even asked that. I looked all over for about 20 minutes for a “render” dialog, then found the damn button on the master section. :blush: