Exporting WAVs from Montage - spaces between tracks?


Wavelab is very awesome about exporting (rendering) WAV files from a Montage set up for CD. However, I can’t seem to find the option in the render dialog to include the space between tracks (between markers) that would normally be negative time on a CD.

For example, if you import something into iTunes, negative time audio simply gets tacked on to the end of the previous track. Does Wavelab do anything like this?

I’ve included an illustration -
just to clarify :slight_smile:

As far as I know, when you render the WAVs it doesn’t include negative time in those files and the only way around this is to not use negative time. I was a big fan of negative time back in the day but now I never use it (except rare occasions). As digital downloads become more the norm! I think negative time is becoming extinct.

If you want negative time on the CD master you’ll have to alter the makers in the montage before rendering the WAVs to retain the exact space between songs.

You should activate the option “Audio in pause”, from the CD Tool Window.

Oh yeah, thats definitely already been activated.

I think Wavelab just overlooks this, I don’t recall seeing anything in the dialogs or the preferences concerning this. I think like he says, I simply have to eradicate the negative time and move the markers.

Bummer. :cry:

If your clip layout is relatively simple (one clip per track) you could try activating ‘Use splice markers (keep pauses within tracks)’ in the CD wizard to temporarily move all your markers just before you render.