Exporting While Using a Summing Mixer

Today I posed the following question to Greg Ondo on his Club Cubase livestream:

I recently incorporated a summing mixer into my studio, and this has necessitated various changes in my workflow.

My latest project consists of several MIDI tracks, each being sounded in real time by a softsynth. The resulting audio does not feed directly into the master bus as it did in my old workflow. Instead, via Direct Routing it feeds into various outputs of my audio interface which function as stems, and then into the summing mixer. The summed mix then goes back into my audio interface, and from there into a summing return channel in Cubase. This summing return channel then feeds into the master bus.

So far so good, but a problem arises when I try to export a stereo master. The resulting .wav file has no audio. What do I have to do to get the audio I’m hearing to export as a .wav file?

Greg suggested I make sure the Real Time Export box is checked in the Export Audio Mixdown dialog, but I had already done this. I told him this in the livestream chat, but it was near the end of the stream, and he didn’t have time to reply with further suggestions.

So I’m asking here…What else can I try? What am I doing wrong?

FYI in the Export Audio Mixdown dialog I’ve selected Single, with that channel being Main Mix.

Thank you.

Why don’t you record the summed mix in Cubase. You then have your stereo file.


That works! Thank you. I had hoped I could do this all in one step, but it’s still quite simple.

I plan to use the recording of summed mix as my final mix. But then I’ll export through the Master Bus, which has some mastering plugins…for example, Ozone, and that will be the master. (Go figure.) This way I’m keeping some separation between the mixing and mastering phases.

Thanks again.

I don’t have a summing mixer, but I do use Direct Routing extensively. There is an issue doing Render In Place with Direct Routing which I suspect might be related. When I try to Render it always generates a blank Audio File if the Routing Destination is in any slot other than the top Direct Routing Slot. It doesn’t matter what the Destination is, just that it needs to be in the first Slot to properly Render the Audio.

Try this test. Change your Direct Routing so all the Destinations are in the top Slot and see if it works as expected.


Thanks for chiming in. Much appreciated.

I just checked the project in question, and all Direct Routing assignments are via the top Direct Routing slot. But thanks for clueing me in…something to keep in mind. I still need to check my template, so I don’t run into that problem down the road.

But I have to admit I’ve never used render in place. I always use File/Export/Audio Mixdown. Maybe render in place is preferable in my case. I’ll need to look into that.