Exporting with ASIO-Guard, VEP and Cubase 8.0.10

Although exporting mixes with VEP and Cubase 8.0.10 using “ASIO-Guard” isn’t exactly fixed, there is what appears to be a good workaround. Load a project with at least one instance of VEP. Open “Device Manager” and select the active instance of VEP. At the bottom of the plugin manager, select “I” and disable ASIO-Guard for VEP. This seems to work and you only have to do it once.


Thank you for this.

With the MCU fixed thought I was finally going to be able to use C8 . . .

Then I realized that not only could I not export mixes (except in real time) but I could not Render in Place any VEP track.
Well . . I could deal with that except . .
I found I could not Render in Place ANY track in ANY project that had even 1 instance of VEP.

However, your simple fix seems to have done the trick.

Mega Thanks!


No problem, I read a blurb in the “issues and solutions” of the latest read me pdf.