exporting XML for Sibelius

Hey all. I’m considering purchasing Dorico (I have been for a long time), but sometimes I send charts back and forth with a Sibelius user. Usually, these are lead sheets. Relatively simple, but clear display of chord symbols and lyrics is important. Is it currently practical to send Dorico XMLs to a Dorico user with the idea that they import it and then can tweak it further and add more instruments/details? I know that .xmls “work”, but I’m wondering if anyone out there can tell me if it’s actually practical to work in this way, as in, is it more trouble than it’s worth to try and clean up xml files in Sibelius.

It’s not practical to work in this way. For the time being, Dorico doesn’t export chord symbols in MusicXML. (It previously did but made a real mess of them, and the team have been too busy implementing new features to go back and fix XML export)

I think you will find XML export is not great at the moment. The development emphasis has been on Dorico being the destination, not an intermediary. So it does import quite well, but not the reverse very well.

gotcha. thanks for the quick reply! I’m wondering if I jump ship to Dorico if I’ll still have to jump back to Sibelius sometimes…which isn’t a dealbreaker

I have to do it with finale from time to time. The only downside is that once you get used to the superior program, you’ll hate going back!