Exporting Xml

Hi there, After I’m exporting an XML file, And I import it in other software, The arrangement of system staff change
It was 2 measure per system, But when I Import the XML to other software it shows 5 measure in each system!

Casting off (how many bars per system) is a bit of information that I don’t think can be included in XML. The difference is due to however the software renders things like note spacing.

Can you post a couple screenshots to show the comparison?

Layout information such as system and frame/page breaks can be exported in MusicXML, but Dorico does not currently export this kind of information.

Why ? Is it coming in a new version?

It does not export this information because we have not (yet) implemented it. We don’t have any concrete plans to implement this in the immediate future.

That’s a big one for compatibility so hope you’ll add it not too long down the road (among the many other goodies I’m sure you’re working on).

  • D.D.