Having trouble exporting audio mixdowns, some projects are fine, others not. Any ideas, i think it may be a plugin issue. My Specs are on my sig, the particular project in question, uses Halion, EWSO, GA, I have tried massively increasing the latency, its just crazy how some projects work and not others.

Please can someone help me out. If more details are needed which they probably are because i am relatively new to this.

How about explaining what the problem is at all…?

When i export my mixdown only the audio tracks export, i just tried a batch export one track at a time, but when i got to exporting prolougue midi to audio, i got no sound in the wav file generated. Then i tried to change the latency and my pc blue screened lol. Thanks for speedy reply anyways. Hope this helps. =)

Might i add i am running cubase 64 bit, with jbridge and i cannot complete a full batch export on this particular project.

I was contemplating going back to 32bit cubase and leaving jbridge behind do you think this would solve my problem?

I don´t know, but IIRC. You can install both versions at trhe same time though. I think I have read about problems on export with Steinberg´s own synths (not 100% sure though). Have you tried the saerch function already…?
Im on Win … bit Win 7 Bit I´ll try that here in a moment.
EDIT: Works here.

I have Vista 64 also but I choose to run CBS5 32 bit. When I use the 64 bit version, the ASIO reads much higher. I’m using Jbridge in this mode but I had no problem exporting audio. I have however, experienced blue screening upon closing CB.
I downloaded CB6 demo to make a comparison and the 64 bit version matched the 32 bit with the ASIO reading but I still blue screened upon closing. (not every time)

As far as exporting, are you trying to export in stereo or are you trying to do batch exporting for a particular reason?

Thanks guys for helping me first of all, basically i am having trouble exporting in general, specifically with prolouge, massive and groove agent. The problems have started occuring on random projects, some project exports work fine others not so much. I can export one channel at a time, but prolouge doesnt allow me to export at all.

This is why i am using batch export, note, that total batch or full stereo mixdown does not work. Audio channels always export as normal for some reason.

As the answer to the preference of export such as wav stereo etc, i have tried the entirety of options available.

I think i may go bk to 32 bit. Any other suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Hey i have gone bk to 32bit CB and everything works perfect, must have been my jbridge configuration that messed it up. :stuck_out_tongue:

I am having the same problem with 64-bit version of Cubase 5. When I try to mix down a song that plays fine in real time the audio tracks export fine but other VST instruments just blank out in the WAV file. I really don’t want to install a 32 bit version because I have no idea if I have installed all my 32 bit VST instruments and stuff. Maybe I’ll just contact Steinberg directly. Any ideas?

If you’re just using 64 bit plugs, some users have claimed to further their success by disabling Cubases’s bit bridge. Of course, this wouldn’t be a good idea if are running any 32 bit plugs but the substitute is Jbridge. I’m wondering if bit bridge and Jbridge are conflicting when they are run simultaneously.