Exports and Auto Fades


Can someone save me some testing time and let me know if Auto Fades/Cross fades are retained when an AFF export is made? I know they are real time effects so I suspect not …

What about Event level envelopes?

Any traps to watch out for regarding the Track level automation (which I assume is retained).

Is it the same (or worse) for OMF?

I’m sending out to ProTools



PS Nuendo 5 on a Mac here.


For anyone interested…

It seems that an AAF export from Nuendo 5 does indeed take event envelope data over to ProTools 9 as Region fades. Nice!

Of course regular Track level automation made the trip, but I observed some anomalies. These anomalies were present when the AAF file was re-imported into Nuendo, so I think it’s an Export issue. I’ll post separately about these later.

As an aside, when the AAF file was imported into Logic 9 the resultant project bore no relation to the original!!! Yikkes